Smart pause s9

So you got yourself a shiny, new Galaxy S9or maybe you sprung for the more versatile camera on the Galaxy S9 Plus — no matter which Samsung device you have, there are several useful settings that are not enabled by default when you first set up the phone. For a deeper dive, check out our Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus tips and tricks. Samsung offers beautiful 5. It increases the touch sensitivity, making the screen more reactive even with a screen protector applied over the display.

All Android phones have navigation bars — the bottom bar sometimes capacitive buttons that let you go to the home screen and back, or access recent apps. Here, you can also change the color of the navigation bar, add or remove the toggle to show or hide the navigation bar, and even change the pressure sensitivity of the home button. You can now use the fingerprint sensor to pull down the notification bar, or push it back up.

With large screens, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are great for multitasking. Split-screen apps are a feature baked into Android, but Samsung has turned off the default way to access them — by pressing and holding the Recents button on the navigation bar.

Now you just need to press and hold the Recents button in a split-screen-supported app to trigger split-screen mode. There are quite a number of neat features here worth a look. Blue light that emanates from our screens can be harmful to our healthwhich is why most phones and computers have some type of blue light filter that can kick in at night. Here you can set the filter to kick in from sunset to sunrise, or set your own custom schedule.

You can even change the intensity of the filter. You can at least hide the app from your App Drawer. To do this, swipe up to open the App Drawer from the home screen. The good news is if you do want to find that app again quickly, just run a search with the search bar in the App Drawer and it will still show up.

Losing a phone can be tough, but losing a new phone is even worse.

smart pause s9

It can be helpful if you really are having trouble tracking the device. Head over to findmymobile. It opens a feed of random widgets that you can customize to your liking, and you can access it by swiping to the right on the home page.

7 Useful Tips and Tricks for Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

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How to connect your phone to an Xbox One 1 day ago. Instagram is finally letting you see your DMs on desktop 1 day ago. Apple, Google team up for coronavirus contact tracing 1 day ago.You can basically enjoy the content that is on your Galaxy S9 phone on the TV; this allows videos, photos, or even games to be displayed on a much larger screen, therefore you get the chance to enjoy every single detail or share what you see with others too.

There is some lag between the actions done on the phone and the appearance on the TV so you might not want to use screen mirror when playing fast paced games. November 9, September 10, October 1, Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To. How to Change Theme Color on Cortana.

How to Use Smart View on your Galaxy S9: Make sure that your TV is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Galaxy S9; Enable screen mirroring on your TV and on the smartphone too; Swipe down from the top of the screen using two fingers; Search for the smart View icon, then tap on it; Tap on the device that you want your phone to connect to well, the name of the TV will appear on the phone screen, so you cannot miss it ; When connected ,your mobile device screen will now be displayed on the TV.

As long as the Smart view is On and working, you will see this Blue icon. You may now click on the blue icon will pop open a small window, where you can pause the screen mirroring, change the device, as well as disconnect the device.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Smartphones are like high tech buckets that collect our personal information through constant use. This has some obvious benefits, like getting a more personalized experience with our devices. On the other hand, this data is a tempting target for bad actors looking to make a buck at the expense of your privacy.

There are numerous threats to watch out for when it comes to your privacy and security. Hackers are ever-present and will exploit any holes in your armor to steal your private data.

One the flip side of the coin, law enforcement can arbitrarily subpoena your phone when it suits their needs. Even a friend looking over your shoulder and seeing private information can have serious repercussions. Thankfully, your Galaxy S9 has your back. It comes laden with settings and features specifically developed to keep your valuable personal data as private as possible.

You may have some of these settings adjusted properly already, but they're still worth a good look-over to be safe. Below are all of the settings you need to check out to protect your device from unwanted access. It's always a good idea to routinely scan your phone for malware and viruses. Luckily, your S9 has a built-in virus scanner to help you perform this vital task with relative ease.

How to fix Galaxy S9 Bluetooth problems

Best of all, the feature has the ability to run scans in the background so you can continue on with what you were doing without missing a beat.

Open the above menu and tap on "Scan Phone" to start scanning for malicious software. The security scanner will then proceed to comb through each third-party and system app to look for anything out of the ordinary, and either give you a "Secure" signal if no viruses are found, or provide you a report detailing issues it spotted, along with steps you can follow to resolve them.

If you breezed through your S9's initial setup, you probably gave your phone permission to log your location history. If you're unaware, this feature constantly tracks your movements, and can be accessed at any time by going to this link and signing in with the Google credentials you use on your phone.

The information is only visible to you, but you'll probably want to disable this feature if you find it a little too creepy for comfort. Once you've accessed this setting using the menu above, you can disable the feature by toggling the switch in the center of the screen. A confirmation prompt will appear once you toggle Google Location History off, so tap on "Pause" to confirm, and you're all set.

It's always a great idea to set the notification settings for certain apps to private and keep prying eyes away from your device. For this, you'll need to go to the "Notifications" menu in Settings and disable the toggle switch next to each app to prevent it from showing notifications altogether.However, when it comes to the audio experience, luckily, the good things don't end with only these three features.

The Galaxy S9 also features an exhaustive list of cool audio settings that can be customized for a richer sound experience. I bet that the audiophile in you must be super excited. So, without further ado, let's check them out! As you may already know, Dolby Atmos lets you have a richer sound experience by providing surround sound even in the Z-axisin additional to the conventional X-axis and Z-axis.

Tap on Sound quality and effects and toggle the option for Dolby Atmos. If you are big on watching movies and videos on your phone, this switch is your best bet. What's more? There are three available presets for Movie, Music, and Voice that you can choose as per your preference.

Yes, the AKG-tuned earbuds are amazing. Throw in a couple of audio enhancement tools and you'll have a super amazing audio output. Next time you hook your earbuds, don't forget to check out the UHQ Upscaler, Surround, or the Concert hall sound settings. These tools push the sound quality up by several notches. This sound resolution enhancer ensures that you're able to hear the full range of sound and the beats are as close to the original track as possible.

Another interesting audio feature is Separate App Sounds. It lets you simultaneously play audio from two separate apps, of course on your phone and a paired Bluetooth speaker. For example, you can listen to Google Play Music on the paired speaker while listening to a podcast on your phone's speaker and that too at the same time.

Setting it up is as easy as pie. Head over to Separate App Sounds settings and select the app and the sound output and you're done! This nifty feature is also useful while you're driving.

You may program it such that the navigation instructions are streamed through the phone while the music will be streamed via Bluetooth. Talk about uninterrupted music flow. The Samsung SoundAssistant is a relatively new app.

Released inthis app has an even a greater set of audio and sound settings. However, one of the most practical options is Scenarios.Got the Samsung S9 and want to get the smartwatch that would go along with it the most?

Best Smartwatch for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus – Buyer’s Guide

Confused because of all the choices available on the market? The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes, either a 1. The Samsung Galaxy Watch resists water up to 5 ATM feet which means you can wear it in the rain, in the pool, or in the shower.

smart pause s9

This means that you can jump from one exercise to the next without having to worry about setting up your watch. The guided breathing sessions are a plus, as they can detect changes in stress levels and provide you with the relaxation needed to reduce high levels of stress.

The watch also gives you a diverse set of apps to use including Glympse, Strava, Uber, and Spotify. This means you can control your devices and appliances through your watch, and you can program them to function according to your sleep patterns and daily activities.

This includes TVs, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and more devices. Read more: Which is the best overall smartwatch in ? The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has a rugged look that suits its durable and solid functioning. Its buttons are big and textured, while its dimensions are 1. Its 1. The Tizen Operating System performs well and more seamlessly than Android.

How to Use Smart View on your Galaxy S9

Combined with the rotational bezel control, twin buttons, and touchscreen, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is fully integrated.

It has a built-in gyro, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light sensor, optical heart sensor, and GPS services. This means an extensive and detailed logging of your fitness activities and an enhanced functioning of the S Health app. It also enables you to make online payments via Samsung Pay.

It also has a built-in speakerphone to allow you to make voice calls if you want. Its dimensions are 1.

smart pause s9

For an extra 30 dollars, you can get the special edition which is rose gold plated or charcoal woven. All this info is displayed to you on a 1. Its activity tracking is wide-ranged because it has multi-sport tracking, which is able to differentiate between various activities like running, dancing, hiking, and more sports like football.

SmartTrack also enables you to select certain activities to be automatically detected and recorded. Its heart-rate monitoring always keeps you aware of how well your heart is doing, and the cardio fitness level tells you if there are any measures you should take.

The guided breathing sessions reduce your stress and anxiety levels. The reminders to move help you reach an hourly goal of steps, and the daily goal you set for yourself.Galaxy S4 Device layout. Buttons and their functions. Charging the battery. Inserting a memory card. Turning the device on and off. Switching to silent mode Part 2: Basics. Indicator icons. Using the touch screen. Control motions. Palm motions.

smart pause s9

Air Gesture. Air View. Samsung Smart Pause. Samsung Smart Scroll. Activating glove mode. Activating Multi Window. Quick setting panel. Home screen. Locked screen. Using applications. Applications screen. Entering text. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network.When it comes to robot vacuum technology, these two models host the latest, most innovative and most powerful features. Imprint Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home. If crumbs Check Price.

Instead, they have copied Neato in adopting a D Shape with the intention of creating a wider brush on the undercarriage, as well as being able to fit into corners better. In our article, that compares the top Roomba models against each other, we touch upon the benefit of the design with the following diagram:. Each of the points highlights a benefit associated with this newly adopted design:. The dimensions and weight of these two Roombas are very similar too:.

Superior 3- stage cleaning system. PerfectEdge Technology and a specially designed Corner Brush optimizes cleaning deep into This was a hugely innovative step from iRobot, as they were the first mainstream brand of robot vacuum to incorporate technology.

Robot vacuums are designed to take all the effort out of cleaning and the Self-Disposal technology takes this to a new level. The Roomba series introduced Self-Resume cleaning after Self-Recharge, to make the cleaning of larger homes easier. The automatic self disposal technology takes this one step further as the robot can do up to 30 cleans before the Clean Base needs to be emptied. When setting up with scheduling, it is possible for the user to not have to think about the maintenance of their Roomba for weeks or months at a time.

It is important to realize that you can buy each of these robot vacuums independently of the Clean Base. Here is what each model name means:. If you are unsure about wanting this feature as it adds to the price, you can always just purchase an S9 or i7 and simply add it on later. This comes into play and makes all the difference for those with lots of carpets, especially thicker carpets.

If you do not have carpets or just have a few, this upgrade may not make a difference to the performance of each of these in your home.

The reality is, is that the iAdapt 3. From this, the software intelligently plans the optimal route to minimize cleaning time. Generate maps of your home are then accessible within the iRobot Home app. Imprint Mapping intelligently identifies each room which then allows the user to specifically just one room. This allows all these models to leverage a set of capabilities and remote control features.

Here we will explain the upgrades between the two models that may or may not make the difference for your cleaning needs. With state of the art technology including self disposal, iAdapt 3. Whether or not this will make a difference in cleaning your home depends on the number of carpets you have.

This section will answer some of the most common questions about the Roomba i7, S9 and how these two models compare against each other. The Roomba S9 is a more advanced robot vacuum that the i7. A few differences are that the S9 has a much more powerful motor, a D shape design which is better for cleaning corners as well as a classier copper finish.

The Roomba S9 will perform better on harder to clean carpets as a result of the more powerful suction.

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