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I own nothing except the idea for the story. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. I just like to play with the characters. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. They had their fights and arguments since they met and became friends, he had expected that, but not the way Ron was acting now.

One thing that Harry realised though was it was usually him that had to make up to Ron. Harry also realise that Ron acted like a spoiled child.

It was like he watched his sibling be given a treat and he wasn't so he chucked a tantrum. But Harry also knew that Ron was a bit of a bully and Harry hated bullies. Because of the way the Dursley's had treated him, bullied him, it made Harry aware of others that bullied, he also could tell who got bullied. Harry had stood with his wand in hand and made a magical oath to sever all ties with the Weasley family apart from Fred and George.

He also added to that oath by announcing that he will never again have anything to do with Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. He made sure to add that none of them could come near him, they couldn't even write to him. When the light flashed around the Gryffindor common room most people had been stunned or shocked. Harry just glared before he walked off. A few students actually hurried away, to tell their head of house what just happened. Harry thought about what he done, but he felt better than he ever did especially in regards to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

The bullying from students was bad enough, but to be continuously bullied by a member of staff is the main reason why he lost all respect for Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. Neither of them stopped Severus Snape from bullying students. To Harry, Snape was a coward, he picked on children and not anyone who could fight back and the headmaster and deputy head stood back and let it happen. The following day Harry had seen the magical oath take affect when Ginny tried to approach him, she was flung away from him until they hit the wall.

She ended up in a heap on the floor. Ron tried to have a go at Harry until the oath took effect, he ended up unconscious. Everyone finally realised just how serious Harry Potter's oath was. Harry stared down at Ginny and called the life debt she owed. He made sure she knew that she could never have anything to do with him even through a third party, if she did she would die.

It was right then that Ginny realised how dangerous Harry Potter was. She could see it in his eyes, he would make sure she died if she ever tried to go near him again, even if she tried to send him a letter, she could end up dead. Over the next few days Harry did a lot of thinking, he could now since he wasn't being harassed by a Weasley, Granger, McGonagall or Dumbledore.

He thought being at Hogwarts would be better than staying with the Dursley's, and in some ways it was. But Harry got treated worse by more people at Hogwarts then he ever did at the Dursley's. He never wanted to live with them, he never wanted to return. He knew by law he would need to remain until at least the age of sixteen, but that was two more years away.

Harry had been doing a lot of thinking about his life at Hogwarts and his life with the Dursley's.This particular one-shot is how I thought that specific scene could've gone No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended. Harry looked around the hall, disbelief etched onto his face; he took in the horrified, angered, confused looks of everyone else before bringing his gaze back to Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Any moment now you're going to wake up back in your dorm.

With that thought, he blinked repeatedly, when he looked and still saw everyone looking at him, he turned to the table, dipped his fingers in the glass of water and flicked them at his face.

He looked up once more and still saw the same images; with one last desperate thought, he closed his eyes tightly and slowly reached up his left hand to pinch himself on his right forearm. Hesitantly, he opened his eyes and saw that it was the same scene which meant one thing; it was not a dream, his name truly had come out of the Goblet and the Headmaster had called him up there.

He looked towards his friends, wanting to ask them something What, you don't have enough fame as the Boy-Who-Lived, you had to do this as well? Harry's eyes narrowed at her as well and he could once more feel the anger building in him; he couldn't believe that his best friends, the people who were supposed to know him better than anyone else, thought he had done something like this.

And Hermione's comment had filled him with hurt along with the anger. She knows I hate being nearly killed every year and Ron How could he think I'd want more fame to add on the one I already have?

With one last glance at his so-called friends, Harry stood up and turned towards the Headmaster. He saw that the other champions, Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff, Fleur Delacour from Beaubatons and Viktor Krum from Durmstrang had rejoined the others, probably wondering what was taking the other teachers and Headmaster that long, or maybe they had been told what was going on.

Harry walked until he came to the end of the Gryffindor table, aware of every eye in the Great Hall still on me. He looked around once more before looking back at the Headmaster. He saw the question forming before the Headmaster even spoke it and answered it. I bet you did. Harry refused to turn around even as the whispers started up in the Hall; he kept his gaze on Dumbledore. At the Slytherin's table, one pale, moonlit haired, grey eyed boy watched Harry with curious eyes.

Draco couldn't believe it when Potter's name came out of the Goblet; a sneer had been in place without him even being fully aware of it as he turned to look at the Gryffindor table, only to lose it when he caught the look on said boy's face. Draco's sneer dropped only to be replaced by confusion.

He took one look at Potter's face and came to a sudden conclusion.J K Rowling owns all the rights to the books and the amazing characters she created. I write only to satisfy my imagination and use my creativity and make no money from my writings.

NOTE: My computer is really acting up and I don't know if my stories are being read unless someone gives me a review or emails that they are following my stories. I hope I can still post this story as I have send emails to Fanfiction about the latest glitch and have heard nothing and have no way of telling if they even received them due to my computer malfunctioning again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Everyone has a breaking point. Whether they break or not depends on circumstances such as how bad their life is or just how far they are pushed. If life becomes intolerable and you lose hope you just might give up and die. Or, depending on what life throws at you, you might finally just snap and take a different and darker road.

For example, if you have a very painful and terminal disease the pain might cause you to choose to stop any and all treatment to prolong your life especially if death is imminent.

You aren't committing suicide, you are just letting nature take its course and opting to die with dignity and avoid months of pain as well as ruinous financial expenses. They might never find that "special someone" or have a successful career, make that million or two or be famous but it evens out because they will never be confronted with a breaking point. Some breaking points are more intense than others. Some people survive them and some do not. Harry James Potter did not.

He was an abused child who had been orphaned as a baby and illegally placed with his supposedly only living family. His Uncle by marriage and his Aunt by blood were vile, petty, small-minded, jealous people.

His Uncle Vernon had sadistic tendencies and was a bully by nature. Although he complained about having to put up with the "Freak" he reveled in being able to demean, belittle and mentally, emotionally and physically abuse a helpless child. It made him feel like an important, powerful real man instead of the creature he really was. Aunt Petunia resented her nephew for many reasons but mainly because he reminded her of her once beloved sister.

Lily was beautiful, intelligent, popular and had magic whereas Petunia was of average intelligence, socially awkward and constantly told by all — especially her parents — that she was plain to be kind and that try as she might she would never ever come close to being anything like the perfect Lily.

Petunia had once deeply loved her little sister but after years of unfair treatment and belittlement by first her parents and then her sister, Petunia Evans reached her breaking point and her love turned to hatred. Being so very blessed Lily couldn't understand Petunia's resentment but then for all of her good qualities Lily was no angel.

She saw only what she wanted to see and believed only what she wanted to believe. She never stopped to think about how the life of Petunia was affected by the family concentrating only on Lily and couldn't begin to fathom why Petunia was bitter and wasn't her number one fan anymore because everybody else was. It never occurred to Lily to ask Petunia why things had gone so bad between them. Therefore, Lily decided that Petunia was just jealous and if she didn't come around and love Lily again…well, then that was Petunia's problem and Lily would just pity her.

If Petunia came round and apologized to Lily and begged her forgiveness well then Lily, being the wonderful, loving person she was would forgive her wayward sister for her jealousy and take her back and allow her to worship, adore and sing her praises like their parents and others did. Because she was away at school, it never occurred to Lily that her parents had been having financial difficulties since her father had been nearly killed in a car accident and had spent months on disability pay and that there was an oil crisis going on, several major appliances had to be replaced as well as the car, her mother's health was precarious and Petunia was at home taking care of her parents, the house and working a part time job.

There simply wasn't any money left and Petunia had to buy clothes at thrift shops and do without because Lily's expensive tuition had to be paid, her magical supplies were not cheap and she had to have different wardrobes for both worlds.

fanfiction prsents: hogwarts school of prayer and miracles!

Since Lily was so special and so pretty she naturally got the best the Evans could afford and, at times, more than they could. Lily was oblivious to everything and her parents had missed her so much during the year they gave all their attention to Lily and ignored Petunia.

Petunia had a multitude of chores and Lily had none as she needed the summer to rest and enjoy herself after all of her hard work at school.

Lily was the fairy tale princess while Petunia was considered the ugly duckling that would never grow into a swan. After the death of their parents Petunia had cast Lily out of her life for these and other reasons.

Petunia had dropped the demon spawn off at an orphanage the very same day even though Vernon wanted to drown it but two days later Dumbledore or the "King of the Freaks" as Petunia called him brought IT back. The Dursleys had no choice in the matter. The only thing that "convinced" Vernon to allow the boy to stay was the generous amount of money they would receive each month in cash and thus tax free if they would raise the boy the way Dumbledore wanted him raised.

And they had, much to the boy's detriment but who really cared about Harry Potter?The reports from the Goblins should be the next chapter or the one after that. As Harry climbed the stairs toward the portrait that hid the Gryffindor common room, Eolia interrupted : 'Harry, when your magic broke the blocks of Dumbledore, it had another effect.

You see the scar on your forehead was a Horcrux. A Horcrux is a piece of soul that is divided during a murder. Murder is a horrible act which poes against nature and taint your soul. Your scar was After he killed your father, he came to kill you; your Mother by offering her life against yours, Voldemort was tricked in an Unbreakable Vow to spare your life. By first killing her, Voldemort unknowingly agreed to the deal.

When he tried to kill you, his magic turned on him and destroyed his body because it could not destroy his fragmented soul. Your scar is the result of his Killing Curse. His Horcrux, he had not finished preparing, took refuge in the only living being present in the house. He hoped to make you a detector if Voldemort was near and thought that by strengthening the psychic link between you and Voldemort and killing you, he would weaken Voldemort.

The magic of Potter ring the perceived the Horcrux as a threat and completely destroyed it : the Horcrux's taint is gone, you don't have a connection with Voldemort anymore and its magical reserves soul fragment were added to yours.

The destruction of the Horcrux is a welcomed bonus. Surprisingly, she greeted him with a scornful look and even before he utters a word she opened her way.

Intrigued by the reaction of the portrait, he entered the common room where he came face to all students in Gryffindor. In the silence of the common room, Ron approached Harry and yelled, spitting: 'Bloody Potter! You could not stop yourself from showing off! You do not leave money or fame to anyone else.

Why did you not In fact, I made an Oath that I have not entered my name. Second, the Goblet of Fire would rather destroy itself by its own flames than selecting you. You know why? Because you are the most insignificant, greedy, lazy stupid, childish and pathetic of all students in this school. Got it, Roy? From now you are no longer a Gryffindor, go pack your things and leave, before being expelled by force. Sporting a smirk, Harry went to pack.

No one had been able to open his valise because it was locked by a password in Parseltongue. Before heading out of the common room, he said : 'Do you know who you banished? Of course not. You banished Lord Gryffindor; since you have all betrayed the ideals of Gryffindor and his Heir, I rename this house, the House of Cowards!Everyone was allowed back to the great hall for dinner.

As Harry and Neville walked together down through the castle they saw many aurors and ministry officials. Harry and Neville took their usual seat then dished up some food, 'So when do you think we'll be questioned? Harry shrugged as he faced his head of house, 'Maybe, but it was the truth, and he was a right…git, I have no sympathy for the ferret. Minerva pursed her lips, but refrained from saying more, 'The aurors wish to speak with you.

They have set up in the room across from the great hall. Harry popped the last of his food into his mouth, took a drink then walked off. Minerva wasn't the only one watching Harry Potter, but she was worried about how unfeeling he seemed by the death of some of the students. Potter and have a seat,' Harry sat down in the middle of the room, he knew there were two aurors behind him apart from the woman in front of him.

If he was going to insult me then he should have to come up with something more than Potter stinks. One day I'm a hero then I'm the next dark lord. This time I'm a liar and want more attention,' Harry shrugged. I was hoping this year I might finally be safe instead of almost dying like the last three years. It seems Hogwarts is bad luck for me, so I plan to take my O. Harry's eyes widened, 'So you didn't hear that Voldemort's spirit was possessing Quirrell or the sixty foot basilisk that was petrifying students or how the dementors kept trying to suck out my soul?

You sound bitter about Draco Malfoy, could you have done this just to hurt him? He goes on about his father being the dark lords most faithful. But he's like his father, a coward. His old man tried to AK me when I was twelve. But are you serious, Lucius Malfoy tried to kill you?

Well, I can't stand bullies and he is a bully, so I tricked him into freeing Dobby, the elf. He turned to face me with his wand, got the word, avada out before Dobby sent him flying, saying you will not harm Harry Potter,' Harry shrugged, 'That elf saved my life, so I asked if there was anything I could do for him, he asked for one thing, to belong to me,' Harry shrugged again.

We explained to the headmaster, he believed us, but then we told Fudge who refuse to believe us, and believed Snape who said Sirius confunded us. But as I said, Snape was unconscious at the time.

That is another reason I plan to leave the country, I won't be involved with anyone who will allow murderers like Malfoy to go free and lock up innocent people. My parents should never have sacrificed themselves for people like that. Would you call your elf please? Now this is Madam Bones, she wants to ask you some questions and I want you to tell her the truth, no matter what she asks.

He said avada, the beginning of the killing curse. Harry Potter is powerful but I did not want to take the chance he could die this time.

Harry Potter is kind to house elves. They were talking about using my blood, and the tournament. So even though the headmaster knew they were planning this he still never did anything to stop my name being submitted. I'm not sure, but if they planned to get me then someone must be inside Hogwarts, or they rigged the tournament in some way. I never go anywhere alone, Neville or the twins are always with me, but Dobby watches when he can.

Now if they are planning on using your blood, I believe it means that someone inside this castle is not who they pretend to be. It seems someone has been keeping information that my department should have known. But also because this dream of yours and your name being entered into a magical binding competition, one that has seen people die. That tells me something is going on.J K Rowling owns all the rights to the books and the amazing characters she created.

I write only to satisfy my imagination and use my creativity and make no money from my writings. For once in her life Hermione was speechless — for about 15 seconds — while it sunk in that Harry James Potter, the most noble, brave, gentle and considerate person she had ever met had just called her that foul name.

However she quickly snapped back to the task at hand, namely that of trying to get Harry Potter back on the correct path, the path of the Light as led by Albus Dumbledore. So she swallowed her pride and anger and renewed her attack on the easily crushed emotional shields of Harry James Potter. He was only trying to discover who had put your name in the Goblet and to do that we all had to make everyone think you had cheated and lied your way into the Tournament. Then gentle Harry glared at the girl before using his magic wandlessly no less to push her out of the train compartment and then lock the door, close the curtains and cast silencing charms.

Harry was correct in his assessment as Hermione Granger knew what was really at stake. It wasn't just her life and future at stake but several others including Albus Dumbledore, the wizard she had chosen to believe in, follow and obey to the detriment of all other relationships. She pounded on the door of the compartment after first trying to disable the magic Harry had placed on it. Usually she would have no trouble as she knew she was just so much better, talented and powerful in magic than Harry Potter.

Well, he could do a few things better than her such as mastering the Patronus spell, magical dueling and he was currently acknowledged as the best flyer at Hogwarts while Hermione refused to get on a broom due to her fear of heights. And yes, he had demonstrated he could use wandless magic but as Dumbledore had explained to her that was just a fluke, a case of accidental magic manifesting itself in a desperate situation.

People were starting to stare at the new Gryffindor fifth year female Prefect as she first demanded and then started to politely ask, then implore to be let in and explain things. At last it became embarrassing especially when the Head Boy approached her and order her to "Give up and start your patrol.

She had no other choice but to do as ordered but her mind was not on her job and she did it on autopilot. Her mind went back to how it had all began 11 months ago when Harry Potter's name came out of the Goblet making him the unwilling fourth champion in the Triwizard Tournament.

It had been a huge scandal and the beginning of the end of many things, such as the end of the only real friendship she had…and maybe ever would have. At first she had been shocked almost as much as Harry had been when his name came out of the Goblet.

She knew he wouldn't have touched that contest with the proverbial ten foot pole as she had done extensive research on it and it was very dangerous. The danger, political manipulations and unethical behavior had been some of the reasons the Tournament hadn't been held since Why it was suddenly brought back was cause for much speculation but the Ministry of Magic was publicizing it and saying it was for the furthering of international cooperation and comradery.

Ron would have given anything to be picked, not that he would stand a snowball's chance in hell of surviving, but that didn't stop his enthusiasm or constantly talking about it. The Weasley Twins were desperately trying to figure out a way to get around the many spells Dumbledore had placed around it but had failed miserably as had others.

Much to Hermione's disgust, some of her female housemates were entering their names such as Angelina Johnston.

Even the first years were dreaming about being a champion despite definitely not having the knowledge or power to enter. Other than herself only Harry and Neville expressed disinterest in entering. Despite swearing that he didn't enter, no one believed Harry — except Hermione and Neville. Their House was divided between those who were shocked that his name had come out and those who were ecstatic that Gryffindor had gotten a champion and one sneaky enough to have beaten the wards created by Dumbledore.

Ron had been furious because Harry hadn't shared the secret with his best mate so that he could have entered and lashed out on his friend the moment he came back from the champions' meeting. Almost immediately he had started calling Harry names, accusing him of all sorts of perfidy and within two days it seemed that he had succeeded in turning the entire Gryffindor House against him — except for Neville and Hermione.

At first Hermione had tried to talk sense into Ron but he wouldn't hear of it and demanded that she make a choice.J K Rowling owns all the rights to the books and the amazing characters she created. I write only to satisfy my imagination and use my creativity and make no money from my writings.

Harry Potter had been illegally entered into a very dangerous Tournament probably by person s who wished him harm and perhaps even death yet Albus Dumbledore said the boy had to compete or lose his magic. He had said there was no way to get Harry out of the Tournament and then to make matters worse allowed and even encouraged the boy to become a pariah not only in the school but in the entire Magical World. He said it would help them find the real culprit and test Harry's character and endurance.

Even the surly Potter-hating Severus Snape thought it was a bad idea but, what the heck, anything that caused damage, humiliation and pain to the spawn of James Potter was fine in his book. So a pariah Harry had become. His best and only allowed friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger had abandoned him, called him a liar and a cheat and Ron especially had slandered his name and character all over the school. He even demanded and arranged that Harry be ostracized from Gryffindor House as well as anyone who defended Harry.

Only Neville Longbottom had stood up for Harry and both he and Harry were cast out of Gryffindor House while most of their possessions were destroyed. Neville had just barely saved his beloved toad Trevor and it was the same with Harry's familiar Hedwig. Harry only escaped with his Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders' Map because he had been carrying them on his person. He then hid them in the quarters he and Neville had found refuge in.

Unfortunately Harry's Firebolt broom had been confiscated stolen by Ron Weasley as well as his photo album. Dobby the faithful house elf had confiscated stolen them back but Dumbledore had Fawkes the Phoenix "liberate" them because Harry had to be punished.

He knew he was obliged to play along and "take everything like a man or a true Gryffindor" so that Dumbledore could catch the culprit yet he was acting like a big baby and acting like a coward hence the need for punishment.

It was all encouraged and allowed by Dumbledore and even the Head of Gryffindor House Minerva McGonagall did what she always did and "followed Dumbledore's orders" although as always she told her oldest friend Poppy Pomfrey that "it broke my heart. The Head of House had learned to ignore it but she did have to admit in her heart of hearts that…well that she had hardened her heart long ago when it came to the welfare of her students as when Albus Dumbledore ordered something it would be done.

Harry Potter was the last champion to participate and when he got his egg due to using some truly spectacular magic he walked in the front of the medical tent and directly out the back flap and disappeared. He hadn't waited to hear his score or be checked over by the medi-witch as he hadn't been injured. Besides he wanted to avoid talking to anybody especially his "best mates" because his sources reported back that they would be allowed to "magnanimously take him back" if he survived the first task.

Oh yes Harry Potter knew a lot about what went on at Hogwarts concerning him — he always had. However, he also knew that he had to play along with everything done to him as he had no other choice.

Dumbledore had had him in his clutches ever since October 31, and wouldn't let him go because the Great Albus Dumbledore had plans for the orphaned boy which would not be altered. He was ruining his life much like he had controlled and ruined the lives of so many others and would continue to do so as long as he had breath in his body and could still scheme, manipulate and "play the game" as he called his agenda. But this time things were definitely going to be different.

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