You will also find what I'm currently interested in for the following weeks. I found similar plugins that could do features that I wanted from JetPack. It feels too simplistic compared to the myriad of options W3TC gave me, but it's simple and it works. W3TC always slowed down my site oddly the opposite of its job so this is a nice difference. To allow for Although it's more limited than I thought it would be and a little confusing tooit's done the job so far.

In additional, created a Global Security Group which works where the Container does not e. Updating the card was a pain! The solution after a long day was to download the corresponding firmware from LSI along with their StorCLI tool and flash the firmware directly.

Had to get the N40L to run vCenter to edit the settings on the other host. Got a Chromecast for Christmas. I always thought Plex server was nothing more than a bunch of menus that pushed media to your devices.

I was wrong. Plex also includes a built-in web player awesome! Also working great with my Chromecast! Calvin Bui. Stats replaced by Google Analyticator Monitor replaced by Monitor.

I made a port alias on pfSense which will be open. GitLab required an upgrade to 7. Chromecast Got a Chromecast for Christmas. Using the Chromecast to watch videos late at night when I don't want to turn on my PC. Got a Plex server setup I always thought Plex server was nothing more than a bunch of menus that pushed media to your devices.Federal government websites often end in. The site is secure. In addition, pursuant to 11 U. The following link provides the median family income data published in September and CPI-adjusted in Januaryreproduced in a format that is designed for ease of use in completing these bankruptcy forms.

Collection Financial Standards are used to help determine a taxpayer's ability to pay a delinquent tax liability.

Allowable living expenses include those expenses that meet the necessary expense test. National Standards for food, clothing and other items apply nationwide. Taxpayers are allowed the total National Standards amount for their family size, without questioning the amount actually spent. National Standards have also been established for minimum allowances for out-of-pocket health care expenses.

Taxpayers and their dependents are allowed the standard amount on a per person basis, without questioning the amount actually spent. Maximum allowances for housing and utilities and transportation, known as the Local Standards, vary by location.

In most cases, the taxpayer is allowed the amount actually spent, or the local standard, whichever is less. However, taxpayers must provide documentation that supports a determination that using national and local expense standards leaves them an inadequate means of providing for basic living expenses.


The survey collects information from the Nation's households and families on their buying habits expendituresincome and household characteristics. Out-of-Pocket Health Care standards have been established for out-of-pocket health care expenses including medical services, prescription drugs, and medical supplies e. The table for health care allowances is based on Medical Expenditure Panel Survey data and uses an average amount per person for taxpayers and their dependents under 65 and those individuals that are 65 and older.

The out-of-pocket health care standard amount is allowed in addition to the amount taxpayers pay for health insurance. Housing and Utilities Standards are derived from Census and BLS data, and are provided by state down to the county level. Housing and Utilities standards include mortgage or rent, property taxes, interest, insurance, maintenance, repairs, gas, electric, water, heating oil, garbage collection, telephone, cell phone, internet, and cable.

The tables include five categories for one, two, three, four, and five or more persons in a household.

The ownership costs provide maximum allowances for the lease or purchase of up to two automobiles if allowed as a necessary expense. A single taxpayer is normally allowed one automobile. The operating costs include maintenance, repairs, insurance, fuel, registrations, licenses, inspections, parking and tolls.

If a taxpayer has a car payment, the allowable ownership cost added to the allowable operating cost equals the allowable transportation expense. If a taxpayer has a car, but no car payment, only the operating costs portion of the transportation standard is used to figure the allowable transportation expense.

In both of these cases, the taxpayer is allowed the amount actually spent, or the standard, whichever is less. There is a single nationwide allowance for public transportation based on BLS expenditure data for mass transit fares for a train, bus, taxi, ferry, etc.

Taxpayers with no vehicle are allowed the standard, per household, without questioning the amount actually spent. If a taxpayer owns a vehicle and uses public transportation, expenses may be allowed for both, provided they are needed for the health, and welfare of the taxpayer or family, or for the production of income. However, the expenses allowed would be actual expenses incurred for ownership costs, operating costs and public transportation, or the standard amounts, whichever is less.

The Executive Office for U. Trustees issues the schedules of actual administrative expenses which contain, by judicial district, the chapter 13 multiplier needed to complete Official Bankruptcy Forms 22A-2 and 22C Form 22A-2 is the form certain chapter 7 debtors will complete and the multiplier is entered on Line To report any differences between the data on these pages and their original source, please e-mail: ust.Bloody Golf Car Accident. Golf carts were never intended to be a means of general transportation.

Getting old sucks. But getting old and not having a plan on how to handle getting old is even worse.


And I'm seeing a lot of bad planning going on right now. An alarming number of people are simply not saving for retirement and just figure that whoever that old dude is they become later on, well, fuck him.

And they properly have, as trying to eke out an existence on meager Social Security will be no fun at all. But others fail to plan for eventualities - getting infirm, losing sight, losing hearing, losing their minds. And here on "retirement island" this is particularly true.

January 2015 Calendar

It is an eye-opening education for me, to be sure. You see, our retirement island is a fine place to retire to, provided you are ambulatory, cognizant, have some money or a steady retirement incomeand are able to drive.

For someone agedthis can work out as you can play golf and tennis, go biking or jogging or whatever. There is a lot to do and a lot to keep you busy. But unfortunately, unlike many planned retirement communities there is little or nothing in the way of "end game" planning here. And when people hit 90 or so, a lot of bad things can happen, with little or nothing in the way of support structure for the elderly. This is a great place to retire. It is a lousy place to get old. Since many people are removed by over 1, miles from their family members, they have no support infrastructure to rely on to help them in their old age.

Simple things like getting groceries and keeping the house clean, can become a real chore. In a planned retirement community, this is not an issue. You can move from a house to an apartment, to an assisted living center to a nursing home - often on the same campus - such as Shellpoint in Florida.

Here, we have no options. You either live in a four-bedroom 2, square foot house, or leave. There is no "senior bus" to take you to the Wal-Mart once a week. There is no realistic taxi service. Hell, we don't even have Uber. So what happens when people get old and infirm? Bad things.When it comes to labeling the mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by the anthropomorphic turd named Robert Dear, it shouldn't matter if said shitpiece is bugfuck insane or not.

You can be completely eye-rolling, head-beating, moon-howling crazy and still be a fucking terrorist. You might be That Fucking Crazy Terrorist as if sanity is something that terrorists generally havebut you're still a fucking terrorist. So let's dispense with all the polite bullshit reserved for white, domestic terrorists, like excusing them from the "terrorist" label for being batshit or whatever.

The only reason to say that the violent assault on a family planning clinic wasn't "terrorism" is for fear of upsetting the yahoos in the so-called "pro-life" movement. Fuck them. Fuck everything about them. Fuck their movement.

Fuck their churches. Fuck their leaders. Fuck their followers. Fuck them all. You know why they so broadly need to be fucked? Because they are liars. They are liars to themselves and to others. Now, here's something really politically incorrect to say, not fake political incorrectness, like Ben Carson talks about: If you knew that, in a house down the street, someone was murdering babies, you'd fucking do whatever it took to stop them.

You'd get in there and take those babies away so they're not murdered. This is the biggest goddamn lie in the anti-choice rhetoric. Most of the anti-choicers know good and goddamn well that abortion and infanticide are two very different things because if they honestly believed that an abortion is the same as taking an infant out of a stroller and killing it, then they are fucking monsters to allow it to continue.

So either they are cowards or they are liars and, except for a few of the craziest motherfuckers in the movement, they know in their heart of hearts that abortion is not murder. You know why they know it's not murder? Because they can't bust down a door and rescue a baby because that baby isn't a baby. It's a fetus attached to a woman who doesn't want you to fucking rescue her. That's the great cosmic joke of nearly the entire anti-abortion belief system.

You know that it's mostly just manipulative fuckers at organizations like the Family Research Council and politicians like, well, everyone in the GOP.

And they're trying to squeeze money out of the yokels and, because in many cases their church is involved, the yokel parishioners, like yokels and rubes throughout history, will try to please their shepherds. The sheep might not wanna go into the goddamn pen, but they will because they are fucking sheep. The anti-choice movement is a scam, and the attacks, verbal and physical, on women's health centers and family planning clinics, are the pinnacle of a great con. And that brings us to Robert Dear, another gun-toting, redneck shitheel who succeeded in murdering a devoted Christian police officer, an Iraq War vet, and a stay-at-home mom, an iconic triumvirate of conservative values.

And, while it matters not one whit if any of them or all of them were there for abortions, even by the low bar of stopping the selling of "baby parts," as Dear told cops he was attempting to do, this domestic terrorist was an utter failure, like he was at life.Augustine was the first Christian theologian to write a biblical defense of the view that the lost will suffer forever in hell.

It took some time for dissenters to again be heard with any significant volume against this backdrop. The Holy Bible is quite explicit in teaching the eternity of the pains of hell. The torments of the damned shall last forever and ever Revelation ; ; They are everlasting just as are the joys of heaven Matthew But this would not have been true if Judas was ever to be released from hell and admitted to eternal happiness.

The fire of hell is repeatedly called eternal and unquenchable. The wrath of God abideth on the damned John ; they are vessels of Divine wrath Romans ; they shall not possess the Kingdom of God 1 Corinthians ; Galatiansetc. But Augustine went even further.

He taught that the memories of the redeemed in the future kingdom of God will be not only supernaturally maintained but enhanced such that they retain all the knowledge of their past sufferings on earth as well as knowledge of the eternal sufferings of the lost in hell, because only by carrying such knowledge around with them for eternity can they truly appreciate what their own salvation means. Otherwise at some point in eternity they might forget what they were saved from, and not remain eternally grateful to God.

For if they were not to know that they had been miserable, how could they, as the Psalmist says, forever sing the mercies of God? Psalm … Those who shall be in torment shall not know what is going on within in the joy of the Lord; but they who shall enter into that joy shall know what is going on outside in the outer darkness.


Source 1 and Source 2. In The Apocalypse of Peter the saved witness the torments of the damned. In the Gospel of Nicodemus, those about to be rescued watch Christ throw the wicked into the pit, Tartarus.

Earlier still, there were passages in the Bible that depict something similar. You can skip to the end of this post to read them.


According to Aquinas the blessed will not pity the unhappiness of the damned. For we choose to have compassion when we wish the suffering of others to stop, and so when we do not wish their suffering to stop, we have no such compassion. Since it is impossible to stop the suffering of the damned, and because it would in any case be contrary to Divine justice, the blessed will have no compassion for them.

Aquinas goes even further, arguing via logical propositions that we will see the damned suffering and we will rejoice:. Nothing should be denied the blessed that belongs to the perfection of their beatitude.

Pullman Railplane

Now everything is known the more for being compared with its contrary, because when contraries are placed beside one another they become more conspicuous. Wherefore in order that the happiness of the saints may be more delightful to them and that they may render more copious thanks to God for it, they are allowed to see perfectly the sufferings of the damned… The saints will rejoice in the punishment of the wicked, by considering therein the order of Divine justice and their own deliverance, which will fill them with joy.

And thus the Divine justice and their own deliverance will be the direct cause of the joy of the blessed: while the punishment of the damned will cause it indirectly.No worries. And then directly following that, there were a few days where I would open my mouth and my lips would move and zero sound would come out. Point is, I survived with little consequence. Though it did give me some observations about winter and sickness in Japan.

Is it snot-horking?

Khabarnaak 11 January 2015 Best of Khabarnaak 11-01-2015 on Geo News

Or Andre the Giant after sand-gargling? Something else? Tell me in the comments! Sono ojisan wa chisana, moroi, kame no karada o motte imasu. That old man has a tiny, brittle, turtle body. Labels: CartoonscomiccomicsJapanjapaneselittle language lessonSick. Thursday, November 05, Valhalloween!

Halloween was last weekend. You know what that means:. I failed. So sometime around July 20th The Mister came home from work and I was like. I mean, not to down-play my powers of persuasion, but convicing my hubby that he should wear armor and carry an axe and basically be the vision of masculinity for Halloween is not exactly a hard sell.

But it stuck with me, and thus, there may or may not have been a decision to be a skanky American stereotype version of a Viking for Halloween. Sorry family? Except I'm not sorry. I looked good. Japanese bodies are just built incredibly short and slender. Thus sometimes And I made it with craft foam sheets, gold spray paint, cheap fake leather belts, one baseball cap, and some white fluffy toilet rugs. I rocked a "fur" trimmed cape, bustier-style armor, wrist cuffs and a sword.

The Mister was styled in a tunic, shoulder armor, sheild with crest matching my cape traditional viking-horned helmet, and of course, his axe. Which was easily his favorite part of the costume. He chopped so many things.Home About Bonnie! Shop Quiltville.

Days Between Dates

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Mary and I had a great time perusing a couple of antique malls on a drizzly rainy Sunday in Puyallup! Now here is one thing that always befuddles me. Books, books and more books! You just might have missed out on a sale!

Quipped by Bonnie K. Email This BlogThis! What did we want to do with our afternoon? I was happy to say though, that the weather was beautiful all the way up to the time we left camp —as if the universe knew not to rain on our parade! Antique Mall hopping? And as we pulled into the parking lot, I looked over and saw this huge mansion peeking through the trees….

A true classic of quilt making.

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